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Pig Busters
Scammer Awareness...The BEST Defense
Some scammers do manage to sneak in at times but they are immediately removed when found and also added to Pig Busters to warn others
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Welcome to the NEW Generation in Social Networking. We invite you to join a site that is scammer/spammer free. When you get tired of other social networking sites not doing anything to stop these criminals, please join us. We are just getting started and would love to have you as a member. Our Members are real people looking to connect with real people so if you are tired of the same old game of trying to figure out who is real or who is just a member number, give us a try. You will be glad you did!
About Scammers & Pig Busters  
Have you signed up on a site that claims to have a "bazillion" members only to find that most are scammers, spammers or just fake profiles? Working with Pig Busters Scammer Awareness, we have developed some great features for checking to see if you are talking to a scammer. You won't find any here but if you are talking to someone you met on another site and things seem a little "fishy", you can search their email address on Pig Busters You don't need to be a Member to use this feature but as a Member, you will get more search options and information we can't post openly so we don't help the scammers.
Learn how to spot a scammer  
Please visit our Sponsor, Author CapricornLoves. She has written a series of eBooks on the many aspects of romance scammers and the first book in this awareness series is free and available to anyone. This is truely a must read for anyone on a social networking or dating web site. Easy to Fall in Love Series Introduction - Free Download
We are not on any social or dating sites  
You're IT! is a social site that is part of Pig Busters scammer awareness site. We are not on any of the social or dating sites and are not a member of any group on the social or dating sites. We do have old profiles on some sites and the sites refuse to remove them but we are not active and cannot even access the accounts. If anyone contacts you from a social or dating site or a group on a social or dating site claiming to be Pig Busters, it is not us. We have Members of You're IT! and Scam Busters on Pig Busters that help by reporting scammers to us they find on other sites but we do not use the sites in any form to promote You're IT! or Pig Busters and we do not promote or recommend any social or dating web sites.